Basic Notary Service

$15.00 per signature

Mobile Notary Service

Basic Mobile Services* $35.00 plus Basic Notary fee
County Jail/Prisons $300.00 plus Basic Notary fee

Loan Document Signing

Base Loan Signing Fee Within Tri Valley Area (Single set up to 2 signers)*


Second Set of Documents $75.00
Additional Signers $50.00
Receive, print, and package e-docs (up to 50 pages) $75.00
Receive, print, and package fax (up to 50 pages) $75.00
Print and package borrowers copies (up to 50 pages) $75.00
Borrower no show (after 20 minutes of waiting) or refuses to sign $75.00
Signing appointment is cancelled or rescheduled, with less than 2 hours notice $75.00
Signing appointment is cancelled or rescheduled, with more than 2 hours notice $25.00
Re-signing (e.g., less than a full set of docs) $75.00
Wait Time Charge (per 15 minutes)


Fees for services not identified in the above list are open to negotiations

Call 925-216-4285

Trust Packages
Minimum $150.00 + $50.00 Travel (Includes Pickup and Dropoff)
If more than 10 signatures, $15.00 per signature + $50.00 Travel Fee.

*up to 20 miles R/T from Pleasanton - a $20.00 extended travel fee applies for each additional 10 miles per round trip.  All notarization fees are based on the California statutory code. No two notarizations are exactly alike, some require hours of preparation while others may require only the completion of a simple form; our fees reflect this. To allow for expedient notarization without incurring additional fees, please be certain all documents are appropriately completed.